Widgets tailored for E-commerce

Increase customer revenue, engagement and satisfaction with easy to setup AI powered widgets.


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Product Recommendation Widget

Suggest products similar to the ones customer has interested in and more likely will buy. Cross-sell and upsell at every turn. Increase customer engagement and average order value.

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Search Autocomplete Widget

Deliver rapid and accurate search suggestions to your customers. Drive them to right products, categories, brands and campaigns. Remind them of their past searches. Increase conversion rate, encourage and maximize engagement.

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Recently Viewed Products Widget

Provide your existing and returning customers a persistent journey log to remind them about the last items they viewed. Boost customer engagement and satisfaction.

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Push Notifications

Send targeted mobile and web push notifications. Drive attention of your customers back to your online shop. Reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rate.


Easy to Setup

Setup your widgets by just copying and pasting a little code snippet into your page.


Look and feel of the widgests are customized to match your online shop design.


No matter on which device they displayed, widgets will look consistent.


Provide personalized shopping experience based on customer's journey.

Analytics Integration

Track and measure customer engagement and revenue within Google Analytics.


Leverage widget REST API and create your own widgets for web, mobile and desktop.


Starting from
489 $ / month
4890 $ / year


Select and try one of the widgets free for a month. Contact us to start your trial.

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